The neuro-meme


It seems as if the neuro-meme has arrived.

Over at Nature Reviews Neuroscience, there is an article by Giovanni Frazzetto, Research Fellow at the BIOS Centre of the London School of Economics and Suzanne Anker, Chair of the Fine Arts Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, entitled Neuroculture.

“Neuroscience addresses questions that, if resolved, will reveal aspects of our individuality. Therefore neuroscientific knowledge is not solely constrained within laboratories, but readily captures the attention of the public at large. Ideas, concepts and images in neuroscience widely circulate in culture and are portrayed in literature, film, works of art, the mass media and commercial products, therefore shaping social values and consumer practices. The interaction between art and science offers an opportunity to make the scientific community and the public aware of the social and ethical implications of the scientific advances in neuroscience.”

In the same week, over at the literary magazine N+1 editor Marco Roth has a great article entitled The Rise of the Neuronovel.  Here is the opening gambit:

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