Iris Coates McCall and Caitlin Courchesne receive awards at the 2018 International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting

Neuroethics Canada congratulates Iris Coates McCall and Caitlin Courchesne for receiving the following awards at the recent 2018 International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting held at San Diego, CA!

  • Springer Book Prize (Top Poster Presentations)
  • Outstanding Abstract Award
    Iris Coates McCall


  • Book Award Sponsored by Elsevier (Top Poster Presentations)
    Caitlin Courchesne

Iris Coates McCall – 2018 INS Presentation

Iris Coates McCall – 2018 INS poster

Caitlin Courchesne – 2018 INS Poster

Caitlin Courchesne, Judy Illes, and Iris Coates McCall at the 2018 INS Meeting