Generation Expectation

Over at Disruptive Demographics, Joseph Coughlin, Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab, talk about Generation Expectation as part of a forum on “What’s Next? How Technology will Revolutionize the Boomer Generation”.  Coughlin’s video argues that it is not the baby boomers numbers, not their wealth, not their experiences, nor their education that are worth paying attention to, but how these factors converge together to contribute to create Generation Expectation, composed of people who expect to live longer and to live better. Notice that he does not think that they expect to live forever (i.e. they are not transhumanists) nor does he think that they will want to pursue radical enhancements.  However, they will be amenable to using technology to improve their lives. The ability of this generation to drive trends in North America has been a defining feature of the last 50 years; it is likely that they will continue to do so, with everything from cognitive enhancers (writ large) to social media.  As Coughlin says, “the new expectations of the next generation of old will drive markets and demand innovations in products, services and public policy.”

Link to Disruptive Demographics.