No need to shut off the phone…it does it itself!

There is a fascinating article in the NY Times about how cell phone carriers are experimenting with technology that prevents phones from ringing when they are in a moving car.  This is an idea that I first heard about a couple of months ago when I had a conference call with a group of scientists who study attention – in particular the next generation of the phone being one that distinguishes between the driver and passenger.

Overall, the idea of harnessing our technology so that it works with us rather than against us is one whose time has come.  If you are interested in such issues, you might want to head down to Silicon Valley next month to the Wisdom 2.0 conference which is developed around the following remise: “Will we live increasingly distracted and hurried — or can we live mindfully and wisely, and engage the great technologies of our age in ways that benefit us, our society, and world?”  I won’t be attending this year, but there is an all-star lineup of speakers, and if it is anything like last year’s event, it is sure to satisfy those who want to remain calm while remaining technoprogressive.

Link to the New York Times article on cell phones that turn off in the car

Link to the Wisdom 2.0 conference.