Hank Greely – Brave Thinker

greelyThe new issue of The Atlantic is the Brave Thinkers issue.  Highlighting 27 individuals “who have risked their careers, reputations, fortunes, and, in some cases, even lives to advance ideas that upend an established order”, the issue cites Stanford’s Hank Greely for “helping “smart drugs” shed their steroid-like stigma.”

Based largely on last year’s Nature paper which laid out a series of recommendations for the responsible use of cognitive enhancers, the citation is a shot in the arm for the field of neuroethics insofar as it calls attention to one of the most closely watched debates in our discipline.

Hank is in good company with other ‘brave thinkers’ including Iftikhar Chaudhry, Ben Bernanke, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama.

Congratulations Hank!!