Neuroethics Social — TONIGHT!

party_jokeHi SfN-ers,

Please see the message below from Martha Farah regarding tonight’s Neuroethics Social.

See you there!

Neuroethics Social
Chair: Martha J. Farah
Location: Room N139, convention center

Guests: J.T. Cacioppo J.D. Haynes J. Illes S. Laureys H.S. Mayberg E.A. Phelps R.A. Poldrack B.J. Sahakian

Interested in the ethical, legal or policy implications of neuroscience? Come to the neuroethics social hour and meet others with the same interests. And don’t miss the short but spirited debate, between two leading neuroimaging researchers, on the proposition that “brain imaging is already capable of (something worthy of the term) ‘mind reading’.

Thanks very much!