Neuroblogging at SfN 2009


Neuroethics at the Core has been chosen to blog (or rather, neuro-blog as they say) at this year’s meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago, IL. We will be posting daily from October 17-21st about our activities, events, and experiences related to Neuroscience 2009. Kate Tairyan, Carole Federico, and myself will all be presenting neuroethics posters at SfN. If you are going to be at the meeting, please come and introduce yourself.


5 thoughts on “Neuroblogging at SfN 2009

  1. Hi – no, unfortunately none of us are twitter-savvy. We’ll be updating this blog as “live” as we can though.

  2. Dear Core bloggers,

    I see that you’ll be blogging from SfN — Congrats! I wanted to invite you to the Neuroethics Social Hour on Tues evening. Here are the details:

    Neuroethics Social
    Chair: Martha J. Farah
    Location: Room N139, convention center

    Guests: J.T. Cacioppo J.D. Haynes J. Illes S. Laureys H.S. Mayberg E.A. Phelps R.A. Poldrack B.J. Sahakian

    Interested in the ethical, legal or policy implications of neuroscience? Come to the neuroethics social hour and meet others with the same interests. And don’t miss the short but spirited debate, between two leading neuroimaging researchers, on the proposition that “brain imaging is already capable of (something worthy of the term) ‘mind reading’.”

    I also wanted to ask your help is spreading the word to readers of your blog. Would you be able to give this a mention on Monday or any day prior to next Tues?

    Thanks very much!


    • Martha – hi – thanks for the post. Will be sure to re-post the information on Monday. See you there!

  3. I look forward to reading the blog and perhaps running into you near my poster and the others!

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