The American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience, Vol. 9 Issue 5 2009


The May 2009 issue of the American Journal of Bioethics-Neuroscience (AJOB-Neuroscience) is now available. The journal continues with the format of target articles followed by open peer commentaries (OPC).

The first target article, “Bioethical Considerations in Translational Research: Primate Stroke” by Sughrue et al., explores various ethical issues in primate stroke research, given the serious opposition to the research and the fact that only 5% of individuals are candidates for current therapies. Moreover, stroke has a higher global morbidity rate than AIDS and malaria.

In “Unintended Changes in Cognition, Mood, and Behavior Arising from Cell-Based Interventions for Neurological Conditions: Ethical Challenges,” Duggan and colleagues consider multiple issues involved in this type of research, and argue that researchers conducting human trials should consider the possibility of these changes in both the risk-benefit analysis and consent process. Specifically they state, “Investigators should disclose the potential risks of unintended changes in neurological function as part of the informed consent process” (35).

The Core’s very own Peter Reiner responded to this target article with an OPC on the “Unintended Benefits Arising from Cell-Based Interventions for Neurological Conditions,” with a particular focus on cognitive enhancement.